2011. febr. 3.


Igen tudom, hogy régóta nem frissítettem, bocs.

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David írta...

Oké, hogy loptad a Monty Pythontól, de a legnagyobbaktól lopni már tisztelet :)
(ja közben látom a cimkék közt a montypythont, szal minden rendben van)

Névtelen írta...

erről eszembe jutott egy stackoverflow-s beszélgetés:

Back in the 80's/90's, I worked for an aircraft simulator company that used FORTRAN. Our FORTRAN compiler had a limit of 8 characters for variable names. The company's coding standards reserved the first three of them for Hungarian-notation style info. So we had to try and create meaningful variable names with just 5 characters!

Luxury: we had just 6 characters; the package had names starting with g; the internal functions all started gk; there were workstation drivers with codes such as 0p (so gk0p was the start), leaving us two characters for the rest of the Fortran name. gk0paa, gk0pab, ...

"When I was your age, we only had 2 characters! And it was case-insensitive!"

We used to have to get up at 2 in the morning, 3 hours before going to bed, then write our own compilers and pay the company for the privilege of going to work. We were allowed just the letter A for our variable names. Then our boss would delete our code and dance on our listings singing hallelujah.

sedthh írta...

>2011.02.03. 17:59
miért nevettem

Névtelen írta...

mert nincs humorérzéked


Névtelen írta...

miért "viszga" a cimke

b!an írta...

szerelmes lettem

Névtelen írta...

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